Links Of Interest

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20 Questions
This is a fun, yet kind of freaky, game. It's a good example of how a computer uses mathematical logic to solve problems. I'd say it's correctly guessed my animal, vegetable, or mineral about 75% of the time.

Get on your Acuity.

Animated Polyhedron Models
Have some fun with 3-D objects. You can even print nets to fold into polyhedrons.

Bedford Middle School
Visit the web page of Bedford Middle School here.

Bedford-North Lawrence High School
What's going on at BNL? This site has school, club, and athletic information for the good ol' Stars. 'Sgo, Stars, 'Sgo!

Conceptis Puzzles
Have some time to kill? Try one of these fun puzzles!

Cool Math
Self explanatory.

Draw Toy
Make a drawing using lines, patterns, and animated figures; then watch its kaleidoscopic beauty!

The Eyeballing Game
Find geometric locations with just your eye. Challenging and fun!

Geometer's Sketchpad
We use this dynamic geometery computer program in class. It's tons of fun; but most of all, it helps kids (and adults) understand the spatial side of Math.

Geometer's Sketchpad Sketches
Open this page to view some cool interactive sketches that were made using Geometer's Sketchpad! (Link requires Java.)

Practice 7th grade math skills or challenge yourself by practicing 8th grade and algebra skills.

Kaleidoscope Painter
Use the geometric properties of reflection as you make a lovely design!

Khan Academy
Check out these video tutorials to help enrich your math or pre-algebra experience. Just click on "Jump to playlist: Math" at the bottom of the screen. You can also watch videos on more advanced math topics.

Know Your States
This activity involves more Geography than Math, but you'll need spatial skills to help you in this game.

Maths Is Fun!
Get practice help and learn math while playing some cool games and puzzles! ("Maths" is how Mathematics classes are refered to in Europe. We just call it "Math" here in America!)

Help with practice and math tricks and hints are found here, where the hot topics are decimals, fractions, and integers.

Why weren't there toys like this when I was a kid? These fun little toys are learning tools, too.

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education
Parents, you are the most important people in your children's lives! This site helps schools and parents work together for the benefit of the children. We teachers couldn't do it without you, parents!

North Lawrence Community Schools
The corporation's site is chockfull of information about the many schools it envelops.

Number Line Game
See how close you can come to nailing a number on a number line.

Pi Search
Here, you may enter a string of numbers, and the website will tell you where in pi those digits are located. You can try your birthday, your phone number, your address, or any other number string you’d like.

Scale of the Universe
This fun link allows you to tour the sizes of objects—very small, very large, and in between—using powers of 10.

String Spin
Draw a line and check out its three-dimensional properties! This site is mesmerizing!

Sunrise/Sunset Calendar
Make a Bedford sunrise/sunset (and moonrise/moonset), calendar for any month and year! Actually, you can make such a calendar for anywhere in the USA!

USGS Earthquake
Was that an earthquake? Click here to find out, then help the US Geological Survey by explaining what you observed.

WBIW Weather Watchers
Find out about school closings and delays here. This site is usually the first to have the news of closing or delay.

What's Special About This Number?
Every number is special! Here, you can find something special about most numbers from 0 to 9,999. Some of the features are easy to understand, but some are mind-boggling!

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