Frequently Asked Questions

JoAnna Kai Cobb

Who is Mrs. Cobb?
That's me! My name is JoAnna Kai Cobb, and I teach 7th Grade Math at Bedford Middle School. I was a student in North Lawrence Community Schools for 13 years. After that, I received my Bachelors in Education from Indiana University. Additionally, I earned my Masters in Education from Olivet Nazarene University. The 2018-2019 school year is my 16th year teaching at Bedford Middle School. In my free time, I enjoy running, singing, quilting, geocaching, and reading.

What is your mission as a teacher?
My mission is to instill within my students a lifelong love of learning. I wish to communicate to all my students that, with the power of self-motivation coupled with curiosity, they can reach their full potentials and learn to achieve their dreams. I want to help all of my students believe in themselves, and thus believe that becoming a lifelong learner is possible for each one of them. I wish to show my students how to direct their innate curiosities, consequently finding their own motivation to learn. By empowering my students to become lifelong learners, they will not only hold the tools they need to be productive citizens of the world; they will also be content with themselves.

What is your daily schedule?

Period 1 (8:05-8:56): 7th Grade Math
Period 2 (9:00-9:47): 7th Grade Math
Period 3 (9:51-10:38): 7th Grade Math
Lunch (10:42-11:12)
Period 4 (11:16-12:03): 8th Grade Math
Period 5 (12:07-12:54): 8th Grade Math
Period 6 (12:58-1:45): 8th Grade Math
Period 7 (1:49-2:36): Prep
Period 8 (2:40-3:00): Advisory

What are the rules, procedures, and expectations for your class?
Visit my Expectations page to download a PDF of the Expectations Packet.

What's on the agenda this week?
For this information, you can visit my Agenda page.

Where can I find a school calendar?
Click here.

Do you know about any cool web sites I can visit?
Sure! Check out my Links page.

Can I get in touch with you or another BMS teacher or administrator?
Yes. My Contact page has all the information you need.

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